about us

our community

Borrowed Time is a non-for-profit 501C3 equine facility operating in Benton County, Indiana. Benton County is in the northwest part of the state of Indiana, along the border with Illinois. A small, tight knit rural farm community with generations of famers that have maintained the county and helped it to prosper.

The population of Benton County in 2018 was 8,653 and 2018 was the first year that had an increase in growth since 1960. The community is proud of its heritage and continues to grow a little more each year. Our facility was built to provide equine assisted therapy to the citizens of Benton County at no charge and is targeting the adolescent population to provide a safe outlet and community center.

our goal

Our goal is to work with the youth population to prevent the use of drugs and alcohol and provide some guidance outside of their regular environment and individual family norms. The facility provides an inclusive therapeutic environment that allows for an opportunity to seek connections with nature and animals.

The equine center is open to everyone in Benton County to provide a community re-enforcement approach to the people of our community. There are no outdoor community centers with a animal centered focus that provide a place to get away from the daily issues we struggle with, whether that is at home, school or work.

girl kissing a horse on the nose in the stable

The facility and the equine therapy will provide a social environment that is much different than typical therapy or physical activity. The pressure and anxiety associated with one on one therapy or group therapy is relieved when the focus is placed on the reaction and the behavior of the horse. Working with the horse helps the person to become self-aware and in control of their emotions and actions in a natural unrehearsed manner.

The equine facility will provide an outlet or refuge to anymore that wants to enjoy the peaceful open spaces in the company of horses. There is also an activity center attached to the arena that is open to anyone interested in escaping the daily pressures. The facility will also be open to the general public for private events, lessons and therapy. Contact us today to get your experience started!

Why horses?

A horse in motion is captivating, a horse out of control is terrifying and horse at peace brings peace to its environment. They are unique and beautiful creatures that bring a sense of awe and wonder to any setting.

white horse running in the fields

Physical activity has long been know to release endorphins which are neurotransmitters that help with depression and are out of balance in many adolescents, addicts and trauma patients. The act of grooming, walking, tacking and socializing with the animal can be physically strenuous and will increase the heart and respiratory rate and is a very unique benefit of this therapeutic environment.

Horses are some of the largest domesticated animals and regardless of their gentle nature and eagerness to please, can be very intimidating to people. Regardless of their size, they are a prey animal and their reactions to situations are a direct result of their natural instinct. However, their domestication has caused them to look to their human partner for direction and security. This relationship and the dependence on people enables a person to quickly develop confidence, self-awareness, self-control and build trust with the horse.

The horses serve as a tool in the therapy on many different levels, depending on the type of therapy. The horse serves as a distraction so that the person concentrates more the activity and the consequence of their actions. Concentrating on the horse, relieves the person internal pressures and inhibitions and allows the person to be himself /herself. Horses are a direct reflection of their environment and the person will be able to observe how their emotions and their actions affect the horse and their surroundings. People watching the activities will also gain insight and therapeutic benefit just by observing and learning.

Our Commitment

At Borrowed Time, we are committed to providing exceptional service and value. We look forward to working with you to build a plan or design an activity perfect for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any requests or ideas.