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Our team prides itself on diversity and inclusion. We believe in the benefits of therapy and the power of horses. We look forward to working with you to fulfill your needs.

CEO Kelly Adams with a brown horse

Kelly Adams


Kelly Adams grew up in the saddle. She started riding before she could walk, and her love for the horse was instilled at a very young age. She began her riding endeavors on various breeds of horses. Kelly is a well-rounded rider capable of dealing with many breeds and many disciplines.

Kelly also began her show career in 4-H. She later went on to showing in open shows and did exceptionally well. During this time, Kelly found her true passion was to be a riding coach and share her experience as a rider and showman.

She believes building a solid foundation in a rider is of key importance. By instilling knowledge and confidence in her students, she is able to get them to unlock their full potential. Kelly matches each client with an appropriate horse so they can gain confidence and feel relaxed while learning. A proper equine match is essential when building a foundation on correct equestrian skills. Kelly inspires her clients to be the best they can be.

As a mother to three adopted boys through the Indiana foster care system she first hand knows the important of therapy services to help children deal with trauma. Kelly is working towards her PATH certification as a certified equine specialist and is an all around equestrian. Kelly has had life experiences with the adoption system and is an avid supporter of therapies directed to help children and adolescents cope with transition process.

CFO Kristine Muller with her husband and son in the autumn leaves

Kristine Muller


After her studies at Purdue University, Kristine was lead to Benton County, which she has now called home since 2009. She became vested in the small town community after starting her own gymnastics and fitness center at the age of 23.

You could find Kristine with her young clients performing at halftime shows at local schools and fairs. Early mornings or late evenings Kristine leads fitness classes for the adult population, sharing her love of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

As a mother she also enjoys the opportunity to help cultivate positive growth and development in the place that is home to her family. Kristine has also gained valuable insight over the years by working with other business owners, and learning first-hand what it's like to operate a small business of her own.

Getting to know many people in the community and creating lasting relationships has transpired to a genuine love of community engagement, including physical and mental health and has helped her to appreciate the importance of creative educational programs.

President Darcy Lash with a brown horse

Darcy Lash


Darcy Lash has always owned a horse or a pony. As a young person she never had any formal training with horses, but has always been in the company of horses and considers them to be an integral part of her daily life.

She graduated from high school and worked as a groomer for 5 years at a horse race track in the Chicago-land area. She eventually found her way to college to obtain a masters degree in industrial chemistry and worked in the industrial field for 12 years.

During her time as a chemist, she rescued 13 horses in need of acute medical care and months of good nutrition. She boarded the horses at a nearby barn until she was able to lease a facility. From there a successful boarding barn was established and all of the horses were returned to good health and adopted out to permanent homes.

While running a successful boarding barn, Darcy had the opportunity to go to medical school and she sold the business and went on to achieve her medical degree. During her pursuit of her MD she was also able to achieve a masters in clinical trial administration.

She graduated medical school in 2015 and completed her residency in Terre Haute Indiana and is currently a hospitalist with IU Health. During her residency she noticed a disturbing trend with the youth population in underserved areas. She noted that drug use was very prevalent in both rural and urban communities and there were very limited resources dealing with education and prevention of drug abuse in the adolescent population.

Near the end of her residency one of her attending physicians handed her an article describing the benefits of equine therapy for recovering addicts, PTSD and autism. From this point forward, Darcy has been pursuing her dream of establishing a community equine facility that could provide equine therapies with the goal of improving the emotional well being of, at risk youth populations and victims suffering from anxiety, PTSD and addiction. Darcy is not only an experienced equestrian but also has the medical background to serve the community in which lives.